Our guide to getting the most from National Licensing Week #NLW2019

9 May 2019

Everyone, every day is affected by licensing, whether we work in the industry or not. Catching a taxi, eating at a restaurant, gambling in a casino, playing bingo or taking a trip to the theatre are all experiences controlled by licensing. Pretty much everything you can think of that happens in a public place – especially at night time – is governed by licensing laws.

Licensing is one of the key factors in keeping the public safe while we enjoy our chosen leisure activity, yet many do not realise its impact or importance.

Since its conception in 2016, National Licensing Week has become a staple annual event across cities and towns, serving as an opportunity for those in the licensing profession to highlight how their business or organisation contributes to public safety and enjoyment.

Organised by the Institute of Licensing, National Licensing Week (#NLW2019) will run from 17th – 21st June 2019.

Licensing is everywhere

Whether you’re a licensed business, a solicitor, or part of the council, police or government, being active in National Licensing Week is, in our opinion, essential. ‘But how?’ we hear you cry.

Our team at Night Time Economy Solutions have put together a simple, effective guide to celebrating National Licensing Week, so you can show both agencies and members of the public the positive impact you have on your local community.

Broken down into daily activity, we’ve done all of the scheming and head scratching – you just need to book it in the calendar!

Day one: celebrating positive partnerships in licensing

An easy win for everybody involved, the first day of #NLW2019 is a great opportunity to promote past events and meetings that showcase effective inter-agency working. Photos of inter-agency working that support the night time economy, such as joint compliance visits and partnership events can be shared on social media with the hashtag #NLW2019.

This highlights how different groups work effectively together throughout the year, and shows your customers (rather than telling them!) that you work both hard and smart for their safety and enjoyment. Use all platforms available, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and be sure to tag and share with other businesses and agencies involved.

Day two: a ‘walk in my shoes’ job swap

While we all play an integral role in its effective implementation, the field of licensing is a vast one. Arranging a job swap allows people from different organisations to gain a better understanding of each other’s roles and the part they play in a safe and successful shared community. It’s also great fun and a brilliant PR opportunity!

Think about those who work in licensing in a different capacity to you. For example, a police officer could work the shift of a bar manager, a councillor could spend a day working in a hotel and a solicitor could go to work in a museum or gallery. Seeing the reality of working frontline or discovering the reasoning behind licensing objectives, for example, helps each business understand the challenges faced by the other.

Day three: highlighting how licensing affects the everyday

Many people aren’t aware of half of the day-to-day contact they have with licensing regulations. Day three is about raising the everyday profile of licensing, so that members of the public:

  • Understand the importance of licensing venues
  • Are given insight into lesser known areas of licensing, such as charity collectors and outdoor markets
  • See how hard those in the sector work to make their local community safe

A fun and interesting way to do this is by holding a competition for a member of the public to win a day with someone in licensing – offering them the inside track on an area they probably view as shrouded in mystery. It could be a day in court or an evening in a casino – the options are wide and varied! This can also be shadowed by local media, providing interesting and appealing press coverage.

Day four: promoting partnership in the night time economy

Those of us in the licensing industry know how effective taking partnership action is, and how tirelessly we work to help our cities and towns thrive. By using this day to highlight the strength of these relationships, you can share licensing success stories and the powerful results of working in unity.

A night walk with selected members of the community, partner organisations and the press is a great way to do this. Visit different licensed venues along the route, giving an opportunity to talk about each of them, as well as the ways working together has impacted positively on the local area.

To finish, a celebratory dinner or drinks reception could be held in a local licensed venue, the cost of which could be funded through ticket sales or shared by the professions involved.

Day five: illustrating licensing in business

To finish the week, local businesses can take the opportunity to share all the parts of their business that are governed by law. This can be done in engaging ways on social media, to suit your business. For example, a short video of a pint being poured, food being served and music being played; or through a meme listing areas controlled by licensing, such as employment, fire and noise regulations.

This offers customers a behind the scenes insight to your business, and also provides reassurance that you take both their safety and enjoyment seriously.

A last word on #NLW2019

Supporting National Licensing week benefits local businesses, members of the public and your community as a whole, and is well worth an investment of your time. Utilise the platforms at your disposal, such as social media and your email subscriber list, to promote events and competitions in good time and to maximise reach. And by using the hashtag #NLW2019 with every single post, you’ll make them searchable and help others in promoting your activities locally.

Finally, here at Night Time Economy Solutions, we’re big fans of both partnership working and supporting licensed businesses. We’d be delighted to take part in a job swap for #NLW2019, or offer support to your organisation in other ways. Please don’t hesitate to call Jo on 07734 255 807 or Sylvia on 07504 973421 with any enquiries.

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