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St Helens Animation & Digital Project

20 Jul 2021

June 2021 saw work begin on two new projects, funded by St Helens Borough Council to support the economic recovery of the town centres in St Helens and Earlestown. These ‘Digital’ and ‘Animation’ projects are running simultaneously and will provide a comprehensive package of support to local businesses, coupled with Pocket Parks, and Festivals to increase footfall in the town centre, and provide opportunities for the people of St Helens to build back better.

Working with Local Businesses

Bars, restaurants, clubs and other local businesses across St Helens have been invited to access a package of support to promote their excellence and accelerate their growth reopening after the pandemic. Night Time Economy Solutions are working with a number of partners to offer:

  • Accreditations- working through Covid Safety, Best Bar None and Purple Flag accreditations with night time economy businesses builds public confidence that the town centres of St Helens and Earlestown are both safe and building on their success as they reopen.
  • Apps- our partners Yoello and The Locale are offering businesses new ways for customers to discover, order and pay. The Locale app allows customers to search and filter local businesses to see in real-time, where is busy, and where they mind find just what they’re looking for. Once in a premises, customers will use the Yoello app to view the menu, order and pay, all from their seat. Customers won’t need to queue for the bar, or wait for staff to order- it’s efficient and improves the experience for both staff and customers.
  • Marketing Support- working with marketing expert Debbie Dooodah, businesses can access both workshops and 121 consultations to ensure that their offer is reaching their customers.

For more information, or to sign your business up, contact:

Pocket Parks

Three new park spaces- two in St Helens, one in Earlestown- will be installed before the end of July. These striking, creative public spaces to play and stay, and rediscover what’s happening in the town centre will be unique structures, handmade by local artists. These will stay in place until December 2021, being maintained by a team from the community.

Augmented Reality Trails

Six trails will take locals and visitors on a journey around the centres of St Helens and Earlestown. Celebrating local heroes from sport and culture. Maker posts around the town will invite people to point their cameras to see the story come ‘alive’ using Augmented Reality. See St Helens like never before! These will launch as part of The Locale App.

Festival Events

Family Fest – Saturday 28th August

A fun-filled day for all the family to celebrate the end of Summer, transforming St Helens into a village fete. The streets will be filled with entertainment and activities for young and old. Professional street performers from Fool’s Paradise, circus skills and plenty of games will bring a smile to everyone’s face. 

Green Festival (working title) – Saturday 30th October

Green Festival will highlight issues of environmental sustainability in a creative and engaging way. Stunning puppets and sculptures made of natural materials will be brought into the town, to draw crowds and educate on key issues. Connecting local residents interested in learning more about ways they can work together to improve sustainability. The day itself will feature workshops on things such as growing your own window garden, what you can grow in small spaces, repurposing and upcycling alongside plenty of street entertainment. 

Light and Bright Festival – TBC 4th December

Light and Bright Festival is a celebration of the bright future of the town, in the medium of light. We will have a light sculpture category in the Youth Open Art exhibition, where young people are invited to respond to a set theme in the medium of light. Artist practitioners who work in light will run workshops for the young people, to support them in their work. These sculptures will be displayed in cafes and restaurant venues around town, as well as in the main exhibition space for the Youth Open Art event. 

Lantern making workshops will be run with community groups, with lanterns made responding to the theme of ‘our bright future’. These will then form a lantern parade as part of the festival, ending in Church Square where the lanterns can be placed down to form a lantern forest.

We’re hoping to involve the St Helens community in all of these events. Whether you’re a local food/drinks vendor, business, organisation or individual there will be opportunities to take part. We’re looking for:

  • Pocket Park Volunteers to help build and look after three Pocket Parks that will be in place until December. There will be set days for maintenance at each park
  • Donations of materials– we’re particularly on the lookout for vinyl, perspex and timber to incorporate into the park structures
  • Festival volunteers to assist in the successful running of each of our three events, from the initial set up to the tear down at the end. If you like getting stuck in and/or talking to people this could be for you
  • Local Independent businesses and organisations including: businesses, CICs, charities and community organisations, artists & crafts people. There are opportunities for stalls, sponsorship/advertising, workshops and other involvement. Our event themes are: family, environmental sustainability, and light- so we’d particularly welcome partners who have one of those themes as their focus and hope to hear from many of you to keep you updated and involved

All business enquiries:

Volunteering & further information on the events:

If you would like to discuss how we could make any of these ideas come to life in your town or city please email

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