St Helens Covid 19 Night Aware Accreditation Scheme

28 Jul 2021

Despite the relaxing of regulations, recent research found that 75% of consumers and staff want regulations to remain in place in order to feel safe when visiting and working within night time economy venues. This concern has been recognised and taken seriously in the town of St Helens, where over 50 venues have signed up and committed to take part in our Covid-19 Night Aware Accreditation Scheme to ensure their customers and staff have both a safe and enjoyable experience.

This scheme provides accreditation for night time economy businesses who prove high standards in Covid-19 venue management and customer care. The accreditation covers four themes: Risk Assessment, Staff Training, Visibility of messaging and Customer Experience. To ensure all four themes have been addressed, various modes of assessment will be used.

Once the venues have received their onboarding correspondence, they will complete 5 distinct steps on their way to gaining accreditation. So, what do these steps include?

Below is an overview of the scheme and what businesses will be required to do at each step

  • Step 1: Venues are required to submit a thorough risk assessment alongside their staff training records. Businesses are expected to have fully consulted and included current government guidelines when doing so and undertake these two tasks in correspondence with your venue type and Covid-19 hygiene safety requirements.
  • Step 2: Once the venue has submitted these records and they have been checked against our internal template, they will be sent the link to our customer satisfaction survey. Businesses are expected to direct customers to this and encourage them to fill it out upon their visit. We will then analyse these results to see how the venue is doing and if anything can be improved upon.
  • Step 3: Venues will also be assessed in the visibility of messaging and your inclusion of signage throughout their venue.  This should include guidance on social distancing, house rules, staying seated and the need to collect and store customer data for track and trace. This will be assessed following their submission of photographic evidence from the venue and checked by our team during a visit to your venue.
  • Step 4: We will visit each establishment to complete our venue check survey. This involves the assessment of customer experience, using a specifically designed customer satisfaction survey and analysis of social media and review sites. This will ensure venues are employing the appropriate safety features such as staff wearing face coverings or PPE, having door staff/ greeters, social distancing, appropriate seating, mobile ordering and payments, single use menus and toilet and pinch point management. 
  • Step 5: After you provide all assessment materials and reach the required standards, you will be provided with accreditation and resources to be displayed in your venues and online. These include web banners, posters and text for websites, social media, and menus.

In addition to providing accreditation for businesses who reach the standard after the first submission, any that do not reach this standard will receive one hour of remote mentoring to get them to that standard.

The above scheme is supported by St Helens Council. Now more than ever we want all night time economy businesses to be safe and vibrant spaces for customer and staff alike and enrolling in this innovative scheme is a fantastic way to ensure this for your venue.

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