Top Tips to keep your venue secure and safe during COVID-19 lockdown

6 Apr 2020

With everyone’s minds on the current situation and what it means for them, their business and employee’s, premises security can often be overlooked.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for criminals and now, more than ever, it’s important that you secure your business as much as possible, we’ve heard of a number of break-ins all over the country over the last few weeks, and I called the landlord of my local as I saw that one of the toilet windows had been left open. Therefore we thought that we would share with you the advice from the MET Business Crime Hub they suggest the following measures you can take to secure your premises if they are closed.

  1. Review your property
    1. Start at the boundary and work inwards and look for vulnerabilities and weaknesses.
    1. Plan to put extra protection on them, ensure security gates, bollards and fire exits are secure.
    1. Lock away anything that could be stolen, used as a climbing aide or a target for arson.
  2. Access and boundaries
    1. Invest in a security gate and boundary fence where possible.
  3. Stop vehicles easily accessing the site
    1. Put a strong vehicle height restrictor in place, or if the site is closed, use heavy duty concrete blocks or security rated bollards.
  4. Surveillance
    1. Consider using an accredited organisation who can provide a form of residency for the property.
    1. Buy a talking CCTV point and download a relevant CCTV phone app and connect to your CCTV.
  5. Forensic marking
    1. Use a property marking deterrent on your premises and items and put up highly visible warning signs.
  6. Remove utilities
    1. If possible, cutting off electricity and water supplies can deter illegal occupiers. Consider any impacts on your security features and the fire regulations
  7. Protect your building
    1. Protect doors and windows using screens and security doors.
    1. Consider light timer switches.
    1. Test your alarm ensure it is monitored and fully operational with a list of up to date key holders given to any alarm monitoring company.
    1. Fit a fogging system that activates when the alarm is set off.
    1. Remove high-value items and cash and put a note on the outside to advise that this is the case, especially alcohol.

For food premises

DIG has some useful tips on closing your food facilities, including turning off the gas to the cook line, if refrigeration units are empty cleaning and unplugging them, and turning off hot equipment. For more details visit the DIG website.

You can keep up to date with the latest advice on securing your premises on the following sites:

  • Safer Business NetworkTheir Covid-19 Portal has links to the MET Police, Fire Brigade and Met Police Business Crime Hub.
  • Secured By Design – Official Police Security Initiative has details on ‘designing out crime’ and products that can help secure your premises.

If you have any specific questions then please don’t hesitate to give us a ring or drop us an email on

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