Hammersmith and Fulham Women’s Safety Audit, Strategy and Charter

24 Jan 2022

We have been appointed by Hammersmith and Fulham Council to conduct a review to determine the current attitudes and perceptions of Women’s Night Safety and provide clear recommendations on how women’s safety can be improved, including working with the community, partners and stakeholders to create a women’s safety charter. The overall goal is to provide a safe, secure and vibrant night time economy for Women.

The work includes:

  • Chairing a Women’s Safety Summit and women’s safety stakeholder group.
  • Research with consumers, businesses and other stakeholders via phone calls, stakeholder workshops, esurvey’s and focus groups.
  • Using crime, antisocial behaviour and footfall data to review the usage habits of visitors and residents together with a study into the physical movement of people during the evening and night time hours.
  • Two overnight audits.
  • A report detailing the findings with a series of recommendations to address any areas of improvement identified in the review.
  • A women’s safety charter.

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