Training for Councillors

27 Nov 2018

Newark and Sherwood District Council run an annual training event for all Councillors from the seven Nottinghamshire districts and boroughs who are involved in alcohol licensing committees. This follows the best practice advice from the Home Office.

We ran a training session on vulnerability management in the night time economy. We covered top tips for dealing with vulnerability and assessing an alcohol application to help to prevent potential vulnerabilities. We also covered topics such as creating a night time economy strategy, partnership working, setting up a vulnerability matrix, and what to do if things go wrong.

Following the session, one Councillor commented: ā€œIā€™d never have thought of all these things and would have just blindly passed an application or turned it down, but this has given me the tools to better support our licensing and policing teams, residents and high streets.ā€

Written by the Night Time Economy Team ©2018 | Share this article link

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