Wiltshire Police Night Time Economy Training for 1000 Police Officers

8 Sep 2021

Wiltshire Police approached us to work with them to develop Night Time Economy Training for 1000 officers (PCSO’s, Police Officers, Sergeants and Inspectors) on their protected learning days. In order to develop this unique course we used our specialist internal team of (now retired) Police Inspectors with 30+ years of policing experience including responsibility for Night Time Economy Policing, music festivals, race day events and royal visits who worked in conjunction with the founder of Night Time Economy Solutions who has over 12 years of experience in night time economy and vulnerability management, having pioneered a number of ENTE safety projects and worked in partnership with the UK Home Office and National Pubwatch on vulnerability initiatives and is an appointed Expert on the High Streets Task Force. They worked in partnership to develop and deliver this online training delivered over 5 weeks and 10 sessions.

This highly interactive course guided Police Officers to effectively Police the Evening and Night Time Economy. Training them to use their Policing toolkit to work in partnership, with stakeholders, the voluntary sector, individuals and venues to create safer public spaces for everyone during the evening and night time. We focused on using real-life situations to ensure the practical application of learning.

All concepts covered in the course were specific to policing, as well as to the post-lockdown environment. We explored relevant legislation in relation to its practical application, reflection on scenarios and officers own experiences to help them apply their learning to other situations when policing the night time economy including:

• Effective policing of the Evening & Night Time Economy
• Understanding of essential Night Time Economy licensing and legislation
• Management of different types of vulnerability that officers encounter in the night time economy
• Dealing with disclosures of vulnerability and signposting people to appropriate organisations

95% rated the course as excellent or good
95% would recommend or highly recommend the course to other forces

Comments from attendees included:

“I loved how they made everything related to our roles…this should be a must for all new police officers”

“Presenters have a wealth of first-hand experience” Training Manager

“Good refresher for those of us who haven’t been out in a while” Inspector

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Category: COVID-19 Recovery

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