We want to give free access to our Vulnerability Training via zoom to any hospitality staff who are currently furloughed or voluntary organisations such as Street Pastors or Street Angels. Click for details: Vulnerability Training Via Zoom

Night Time Economy Review

The needs of a town or city at night are individual to each area. Our night-time economy review captures a clear picture of what is working and what isn’t in your area, together with specific, sustainable solutions designed to reduce or resolve enduring and emerging issues. 

The exact format of the review will be tailored to your specific requirements but typically includes time spent observing your current night time economy, interviewing stakeholders, running workshops with partners and conducting surveys with users and non users. 

Our findings and recommendations will be presented in a professional report, and we can work with you to develop a performance framework to monitor activity and report on results.

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Night Time Economy Strategy

Developing a great night-time economy requires an effective plan combined with the right people around the table. 

We work with you to design a night-time economy strategy that will deliver the results you desire. 

We then help you identify and engage a multi-disciplinary night-time economy partnership who have the influence, resources and expertise to deliver its vision successfully and collaboratively.

Mediation services

Mediation is a cost-effective, confidential way to settle licensing disputes between operators and the statutory bodies, and often delivers a more positive solution for both sides than is achieved in court.

This voluntary form of dispute resolution is actively encouraged by the courts throughout the litigation process, allowing parties to remain in control and come to a resolution on a without prejudice basis.

Jo is qualified and experienced to act as an impartial mediator to establish middle ground and a mutual solution that keeps the licensed premises open and trading responsibly, and can assist in delivering on the agreed resolution if required.

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Vulnerability Management

Managing vulnerability in the night-time economy is an area that is forever evolving, and one that we are proud to have been at the forefront of for over ten years.

For example, Jo pioneered the concept of the Safe Space, the first of which she launched in Nottingham as a supplementary project to the largest team of Street Pastors outside of London that she brought together in the city. She also developed the first Club Crew concept and training package for Drinkaware. We have since set up several other Safe Spaces, each unique to the needs of its specific location, and delivered vulnerability training to countless individuals.

We are specialists in developing new and innovative ways to reduce vulnerabilities across different user groups such as students, women or disabled visitors to your night-time economy, or in specific situations such as in late night premises, on your streets or when choosing how to get home.

Accreditation & Grant Application Support

Securing an accreditation such as the ATCM’s Purple Flag, or applying for additional funding for your project or area brings unquestionable benefits to your night-time economy.

Nonetheless, finding the capacity and skills to manage the application process in-house can be difficult, which may prevent you from applying at all.

We have demonstrable experience of writing successful accreditation applications, having secured Purple Flag accreditation several times over.

We can use our extensive fundraising expertise to identify relevant funds and grants if required, and have an excellent track record in this area, having successfully applied for over £5 million in funding.

Bespoke Solutions

Whatever your requirements, we will work with you and your key stakeholders to deliver solutions that are innovative, sustainable and will make a difference. Get in touch with us today to book a free 30-minute telephone consultation to discuss your specific situation.

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Vulnerability Training via Zoom

We want to give free access to our Vulnerability Training via zoom to any hospitality staff who are currently furloughed or voluntary organisations such as Street Pastors or Street Angels. Our vulnerability training will give you all the tools to deal with vulnerable people either in your venues or on the streets and you can put it into practice once you get back up and running.

This course normally costs approximately £25 per person and would be delivered face to face. However, during the COVID-19 lockdown, we are delivering the course via Zoom for free and if you want to make a donation you can with all proceeds split equally between the NHS and Hospitality Action

We are doing two sessions to start with and you can sign up here:

Session 1: Hospitality teams

Bars, restaurants, hotels, night clubs, pubs etc 27th May 2 pm to 4 pm: to register email

Session 2: Volunteer Groups:

Street Pastors, Street Angels, Safe Spaces  27th May 7pm to 9 pm to register email


You don’t have to but if you would like to make a donation to these two incredible organisations for your training then you can do so here, just pay what you can.


Vulnerability Training Donation

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