We are a full-service night time economy consultancy, offering a range of services for both night time economy businesses, voluntary organisations, local authorities, police forces and Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) such as:

For Businesses: We are well known for writing and reviewing policies and procedures as well as coaching and mentoring new business owners, managers and designated premises supervisors (DPSs). We have supported over 4000 businesses to reopen during COVID-19 in 40 locations. We also deliver cutting edge vulnerability training online and in person. This training enables your staff at any level to deal with all the major vulnerabilities that they are likely to encounter on a shift.

Voluntary organisations: We can deliver cutting edge vulnerability training online and in person. This training enables your volunteers to deal with all the major vulnerabilities that they are likely to encounter on a shift either on the street or in a Safe Space setting.

For local authorities, police forces and BIDs: Our night time economy strategies and overnight audits focus on partnership working and are considered to be both creative and easy to implement. We have also supported many towns and cities in the UK and Ireland to achieve Purple Flag Accreditation.

Bespoke Research: We are well respected by both central government organisations and local authorities for our bespoke research projects such as the LGA Approaches to managing the night-time economy and MOPAC and GLA Perceptions and Effectiveness: Insights into the Late Night Levy in London

More information on our work can be found below, if you have a project in mind please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Night Time Economy Audit or Review

The needs of a town or city at night are individual to each area. Our night-time economy audits or reviews captures a clear picture of what is working and what isn’t in your area, together with specific, sustainable solutions designed to reduce or resolve enduring and emerging issues. 

The exact format of the audit or review will be tailored to your specific requirements but typically includes time spent observing your current night time economy, interviewing stakeholders, running workshops with partners and conducting surveys with users and non users. 

Our findings and recommendations will be presented in a professional report, and we can work with you to develop a performance framework to monitor activity and report on results.

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Night Time Economy Strategy

Developing a great night-time economy requires an effective plan combined with the right people around the table. 

We work with you to design a night-time economy strategy that will deliver the results you desire. 

We then help you identify and engage a multi-disciplinary night-time economy partnership who have the influence, resources and expertise to deliver its vision successfully and collaboratively.

Mediation services

Mediation is a cost-effective, confidential way to settle licensing disputes between operators and the statutory bodies, and often delivers a more positive solution for both sides than is achieved in court.

This voluntary form of dispute resolution is actively encouraged by the courts throughout the litigation process, allowing parties to remain in control and come to a resolution on a without prejudice basis.

Jo is qualified and experienced to act as an impartial mediator to establish middle ground and a mutual solution that keeps the licensed premises open and trading responsibly, and can assist in delivering on the agreed resolution if required.

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Vulnerability Management

Managing vulnerability in the night-time economy is an area that is forever evolving, and one that we are proud to have been at the forefront of for over ten years.

For example, Jo pioneered the concept of the Safe Space, the first of which she launched in Nottingham as a supplementary project to the largest team of Street Pastors outside of London that she brought together in the city. She also developed the first Club Crew concept and training package for Drinkaware. We have since set up several other Safe Spaces, each unique to the needs of its specific location, and delivered vulnerability training to countless individuals.

We are specialists in developing new and innovative ways to reduce vulnerabilities across different user groups such as students, women or disabled visitors to your night-time economy, or in specific situations such as in late night premises, on your streets or when choosing how to get home.

Purple Flag Accreditation

Securing an accreditation such as the ATCM’s Purple Flag brings unquestionable benefits to your night-time economy such as enhanced partnership working, better consumer perceptions, problem-solving and funding.

Nonetheless, finding the capacity and skills to manage the application process in-house can be difficult, which may prevent you from applying at all.

We have demonstrable experience of writing successful accreditation applications, having secured Purple Flag accreditation several times over from areas as diverse as Leicester, Nottingham and Mullingar in Ireland.


Bespoke Solutions

Whatever your requirements, we will work with you and your key stakeholders to deliver solutions that are innovative, sustainable and will make a difference. Get in touch with us today to book a free 30-minute telephone consultation to discuss your specific situation.

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Vulnerability Training via Zoom

We are currently delivering Vulnerability Training via Zoom.

Our vulnerability training will give you all the tools to deal with vulnerable people either in your venues or on the streets and you can put it into practice once you get back up and running.

The training objective is to enable you those who work in the hospitality industry and volunteers to identify and deal with different types of vulnerable people that you might encounter in the night-time economy. This is a step further than standard safeguarding training, as it teaches you how to deal with specific issues that you may encounter as part of your shift, and is built around real case studies and best practice

This course costs £25 per person.

We can offer two types of sessions you can ask for further information here:

Session 1: Hospitality teams

This session is suitable for bars, restaurants, hotels, night clubs and pubs.

Session 2: Volunteer Groups:

This session is suitable for volunteers working in the night-time economy such as Street Pastors, Street Angels and Safe Spaces.


If you would like to find out more please email


Vulnerability Training

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Covid-19 Recovery Services

  1. Covid-19 Night Aware Accreditation ©

An accreditation for night time economy businesses to prove high standards in COVID-19 venue management and customer care. The accreditation covers four themes, with the further option to add on an hour of mentoring for venues that are not yet at the required standard. The four themes are:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Staff Training
  • Visibility of messaging
  • Customer Experience

This is being purchased by BIDs around the UK for their night time economy venues please contact Jo Cox-Brown for more information on or 07734255807.

2. COVID-19 Night Time Recovery Strategy

We will work with you and stakeholders to create a 2 year tailormade COVID19 night time economy recovery strategy for your area. This includes:

    1. Stakeholder, Business and Audience engagement via online workshops, Esurvey’s and phone calls
    2. Audit of your area from 6pm until 30 minutes after your latest venue closes
    3. Tailormade strategy with easy to follow monthly steps for stakeholders to implement together


3. Rave Liasion 

We are currently working with two Police Forces on Rave Liaison, we provide trained mediators to work alongside officers. The team, work alongside officers to attend raves and illegal parties and mediate with the organisers to make the event safer, advise on the best event management techniques such as crowd control, or bring the event to a successful conclusion.

This role is proving effective at dissolving high tension situations and bringing illegal parties to a successful conclusion, without having to confiscate equipment or issue fines.


Grant Writing Services

Our fundraising professionals will work with you to listen to your goals.

We can provide support at all or any stages of the grant application process, whether that is helping to write an excellent fundraising strategy, or providing fundraising support to write grant applications and letters to Trusts, setting up crowdfunding campaigns or identifying and contacting local and national businesses that may support your cause

We have extensive success in securing grant funding from organisations such as the Arts Council, National Lottery, European Union, Comic Relief, Police and Crime Commissioners and many others.

We have secured funding for projects such as festivals, events, regeneration, culture, safety projects, safe spaces, volunteer organisations and live music venues.

This is what our clients have to say about us

Helen Arts Organisation: “I have worked with Jo and the team for the last 3 months, and I can highly recommend them. They were professional and responsive to my needs. They delivered a variety of fundraising support including doing a comprehensive needs analysis of the areas that we work, that we will be able to use in further applications. They ran an engaging and inspiring strategy day to help us as a team decide on our future strategy and fundraising strategy. They ran a fundraising workshop for all of the people in a business who do fundraising and finally, they identified and wrote applications to businesses, Councillors and Trusts to raise funding and finally they delivered a project report with clear steps forward. I found that their workshops were clear, excellently structured and the training that we received gave all our fundraisers a head start. They applied for a total of £159,850 as compared with the £100,000 that they initially promised which was a 59.8% increase. Their final report was excellent”

Sam Hangar Events: “Thank you so much for helping us with our application Jo. We really couldn’t have done it without you. I can highly recommend your services for anyone looking at the available grants”

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