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Covid-19 Recovery Services

27 Jul 2020
  1. Covid-19 Night Aware Accreditation ©

An accreditation for night time economy businesses to prove high standards in COVID-19 venue management and customer care. The accreditation covers four themes and costs £50 + VAT per venue, with the further option to add on an hour of mentoring for venues that are not yet at the required standard. The four themes are:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Staff Training
  • Visibility of messaging
  • Customer Experience

This is being purchased by BIDs around the UK for their night time economy venues please contact Jo Cox-Brown for more information on or 07734255807.

2. COVID-19 Night Time Recovery Strategy

We will work with you and stakeholders to create a 2 year tailormade COVID19 night time economy recovery strategy for your area. This includes:

    1. Stakeholder, Business and Audience engagement via online workshops, Esurvey’s and phone calls
    2. Audit of your area from 6pm until 30 minutes after your latest venue closes
    3. Tailormade strategy with easy to follow monthly steps for stakeholders to implement together

The full recovery strategy package is £6,000 + VAT

3. Risk Assessments

    1. New Risk Assessment: The COVID19 government guidance recommends that all pubs, bars, restaurants and takeaways should perform a thorough risk assessment of their venue and operations. We understand that risk assessments and policies are time-consuming and complicated, and many venues will never have performed a Risk Assessment before. We can work with you to create a suitable risk assessment for your venue or event. Prices start at £250 + VAT
    2. Audit or review a Risk Assessment: If you already have a risk assessment in place for your venue or event we can review and audit your risk assessment, providing you with clear and easy to implement feedback to enhance it, to ensure that it is fit for purpose. Prices start at £50 + VAT
    3. Training: One of the COVID19 Government guidance requirements is to train your staff on the risk assessment, as can do this virtually or in-person on your site and prices start at £500 + VAT



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