Covid-19 Recovery Services

27 Jul 2020
  1. Covid-19 Night Aware Accreditation ©

An accreditation for night time economy businesses to prove high standards in COVID-19 venue management and customer care. The accreditation covers four themes, with the further option to add on an hour of mentoring for venues that are not yet at the required standard. The four themes are:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Staff Training
  • Visibility of messaging
  • Customer Experience

This is being purchased by BIDs around the UK for their night time economy venues please contact Jo Cox-Brown for more information on or 07734255807.

2. Business Support Webinars

During 2020 and 2021 we have delivered a series of online business support and growth webinars in 40 towns and cities. This included updates on the latest legislation, business support, growth and pivoting ideas, budgeting, fundraising, marketing, risk assessments, staff training and making the most out of digital opportunities.

This is what our clients have said 

Principle Licensing Officer “These webinars have been invaluable to our businesses, attendance has been great. The topics and presenters have been very interesting and it will be useful for us when advising our licence holders also.  There were some really good practical ideas that they can put in place.  Let’s hope that hospitality businesses take those ideas on board!”

Simon, bar and restaurant owner of 5 venues “I can’t thank Jo and her team enough, their regular monthly webinar’s have been a lifesaver for me as a small business owner, I was finding all the changing information overwhelming but they simplified everything and made it easy to digest and implement. They were always swift to respond to my questions between sessions, and I’m grateful we had this support and hope it continues as we move into a post covid era”

3. COVID-19 Night Time Recovery Strategy

We will work with you and stakeholders to create a 2 year tailormade COVID19 night time economy recovery strategy for your area. This includes:

    1. Stakeholder, Business and Audience engagement via online workshops, Esurvey’s and phone calls
    2. Audit of your area from 6pm until 30 minutes after your latest venue closes
    3. Tailormade strategy with easy to follow monthly steps for stakeholders to implement together


4. Rave Liasion 

We are currently working with two Police Forces on Rave Liaison, we provide trained mediators to work alongside officers. The team, work alongside officers to attend raves and illegal parties and mediate with the organisers to make the event safer, advise on the best event management techniques such as crowd control, or bring the event to a successful conclusion.

This role is proving effective at dissolving high tension situations and bringing illegal parties to a successful conclusion, without having to confiscate equipment or issue fines.


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