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1 Jan 2017

Our fundraising professionals will work with you to listen to your goals.

We can provide support at all or any stages of the grant application process, whether that is helping to write an excellent fundraising strategy, or providing fundraising support to write grant applications and letters to Trusts, setting up crowdfunding campaigns or identifying and contacting local and national businesses that may support your cause

We have secured over £35m in funding in 2020/2021 with an 80% success rate in securing grant funding from organisations such as the Arts Council, National Lottery, PRS, British Council, Innovate UK, European Union, Comic Relief, Police and Crime Commissioners and many others.

We have secured funding for projects such as festivals, events, electronic music organisations, live music venues, artists projects, travelling theatre, theatres, artist management, technology projects, environmental projects, pantomimes, major regeneration, culture, safety projects, heritage, culture, safe spaces and volunteer organisations.

This is what our clients have to say about us:

Chris MRC Enterprises Ltd: Invaluable. Unrivalled. Highly Recommended. It’s been an education and insight into a key part of our industry which I simply did not know enough about, yet has become an essential part of my business planning and indeed the industry as a whole

Promoter Friendly Agency Ltd: Their support and guidance was unbelievable, working every hour possible to ensure our application was as strong as it could be. Just want to say a BIG thank you to Jo, Camilla and Ellen for everything you have done for us…we are so grateful!

The Cause Arts and Night Club Venue London: NTES provided an amazing service, very supportive and understanding of our organisation. They worked tirelessly to ensure the application was as strong as possible which enabled a successful winning application. The funds will undoubtedly assist our organisations survival and transition out of the pandemic.

Handshake Ltd: A very good experience, Night Time Economy gave invaluable help in completing our application, they were thorough, courteous and very professional from start to finish.

Dalston Superstore: Night Time Economy Solutions have not only safeguarded the future of our LGBTQI+ venue, they genuinely helped us understand our own organisation in a new way, and have helped us plan for the future.An incredibly positive experience. Night Time Economy Solutions were responsive to our needs, understood the nuances of the sector, and helped us navigate the challenges of the application. They communicated clearly and patiently with us, and we actually found the actual process a valuable exercise in reflecting on our own organisation.

Helen Arts Organisation: I have worked with Jo and the team for the last 3 months, and I can highly recommend them. They were professional and responsive to my needs. They delivered a variety of fundraising support including doing a comprehensive needs analysis of the areas that we work, that we will be able to use in further applications. They ran an engaging and inspiring strategy day to help us as a team decide on our future strategy and fundraising strategy. They ran a fundraising workshop for all of the people in a business who do fundraising and finally, they identified and wrote applications to businesses, Councillors and Trusts to raise funding and finally they delivered a project report with clear steps forward. I found that their workshops were clear, excellently structured and the training that we received gave all our fundraisers a head start. They applied for a total of £159,850 as compared with the £100,000 that they initially promised which was a 59.8% increase. Their final report was excellent

Sam Hangar Events: Thank you so much for helping us with our application Jo. We really couldn’t have done it without you. I can highly recommend your services for anyone looking at the available grants

TAL Entertainment Ltd: I have to say it was fantastic, if there is an area that I struggle with in Life and Business it’s filling out forms! Jo and her team were absolutely brilliant, efficient and a pleasure to work with. Just a huge thank you, it was a monumental task and I certainly couldn’t have done it without their help and support. The post-grant support is invaluable to my company too and really good service. In this crazy, constantly changing world, the ‘Plan’ that we prepared is happening step by step. Remarkable! Thank you once again

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