Vulnerability Management

15 Jun 2017

Managing vulnerability in the night-time economy is an area that is forever evolving, and one that we are proud to have been at the forefront of for over ten years.

For example, Jo pioneered the concept of the Safe Space, the first of which she launched in Nottingham as a supplementary project to the largest team of Street Pastors outside of London that she brought together in the city. She also developed the first Club Crew concept and training package for Drinkaware. We have since set up several other Safe Spaces, each unique to the needs of its specific location, and delivered vulnerability training to countless individuals.

We are specialists in developing new and innovative ways to reduce vulnerabilities across different user groups such as students, women or disabled visitors to your night-time economy, or in specific situations such as in late night premises, on your streets or when choosing how to get home.

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