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Vulnerability Training via Zoom

3 Apr 2020

We are currently delivering Vulnerability Training via Zoom.

Our vulnerability training will give you all the tools to deal with vulnerable people either in your venues or on the streets and you can put it into practice once you get back up and running.

The training objective is to enable you those who work in the hospitality industry and volunteers to identify and deal with different types of vulnerable people that you might encounter in the night-time economy. This is a step further than standard safeguarding training, as it teaches you how to deal with specific issues that you may encounter as part of your shift, and is built around real case studies and best practice

This course costs £25 per person.

We can offer two types of sessions you can ask for further information here:

Session 1: Hospitality teams

This session is suitable for bars, restaurants, hotels, night clubs and pubs.

Session 2: Volunteer Groups:

This session is suitable for volunteers working in the night-time economy such as Street Pastors, Street Angels and Safe Spaces.


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Vulnerability Training

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