We offer three separate training programmes, tailored to the needs of venues, police and events staff working in the night time economy.

All of these programmes are delivered by our highly-experienced team, and informed by first-hand experience of the sector.

Policing the Night Time Economy 

Course Overview

This highly interactive course will guide Police Officers to effectively police the evening and night time economy. Training officers to use their Policing toolkit to work in partnership with stakeholders, the voluntary sector, individuals, and venues to create safer public spaces for everyone during the evening and night time. 

There is a focus on real-life situations to ensure practical application of learning.

All concepts covered in the course are specific to policing, as well as to the post-lockdown environment. Relevant legislation will be explored in relation to its practical application.

No two situations are the same, so the course includes reflection on scenarios and your own experiences, to help you apply your learning to other situations you will find when policing the night time economy.

Training Objectives

1. To equip officers with the knowledge to police the night time economy effectively.

2. Inform officers about essential Night Time Economy Licensing and Legislation.

3. Enable officers to successfully manage different types of vulnerability you will encounter in the night time economy.

4. Empower officers to deal with disclosures of vulnerability and signpost people to appropriate organisations. 

Attendee Feedback

“I loved how they made everything related to our roles…this should be a must for all new police officers”– Sergeant

“Presenters have a wealth of first-hand experience” – Training manager 

“Good refresher for those of us who haven’t been out in a while”– Inspector

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Safeguarding and Vulnerability Training: Drink Spiking 

Course Overview

This course will provide guidance for venues on how to prevent drink spiking within their licensed premises. Training venues to implement a variety of safeguarding measures, such as increasing door checks and additional staff training, we will also highlight the range of tools that are available to help eradicate drink spiking from night time economy venues. 

There is a focus on how to spot the signs of drink spiking and what to do if you suspect a case of drink spiking. In addition to the venues having this knowledge, we will also provide training on customer messaging and communication to equip venues with the best ways to provide information on drink spiking to their customers. With the prevalence of drink spiking becoming ever more apparent, this training equips venues with the tools needed to prevent drink spiking and help safeguard their customers.

Training Objectives

1. Prevent drink spiking in your venue.

2. Ensure you know what to do if someone suspects their drink has been spiked.

3. Raise awareness of available tools to prevent drink spiking.

Alongside training for night time economy venues, we also offer tailored training packages for Universities and their student bodies.

Attendee Feedback

Police Licensing Officer London “really great feedback from the venues, I thought the training was excellent and pitched at the right level and clearly something the venues wanted to hear due to a great turnout!”

Pubwatch Chair and Late Night Venue Operator “on behalf of everyone, thank you kindly for taking the time to deliver this training to us – the session was very informative and well-received, we were very pleased with the great turn out demonstrated how needed and essential this training was”

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Vulnerability and Women’s Safety Training

Our vulnerability training is designed for anyone working in the night time economy to learn how to support vulnerable customers and create a positive and safe environment. The focus of these sessions is on the different types of vulnerability you will find at night, including but not limited to, intoxication, women’s safety, violence and domestic violence and mental health.

Through the course, we will equip attendees with the tools needed to identify and support customers who may have or may become vulnerable either in venues or on the streets. This is a step further than standard safeguarding training, as it teaches attendees how to deal with specific issues that they may encounter as part of their shift, and is built around real case studies and best practice.

The training also empowers staff to recognise hotspots within their venues as well as hints and tips to improve the safety of their customers. The training is focused on group activities, encouraging participants to think about the venues they work in and the situations they have experienced.

Venues will benefit from attending in the following ways. It will enable staff to ensure the safety of all customers. Customers will feel well cared for and therefore more likely to come back. It will improve the responsible operating procedures of all venues in the area, and it will enable strong partnership working. 

Training Objectives

1. Enable you to identify and deal with different types of vulnerable people that you might encounter in the night time economy.

2. Teach you how to deal with specific issues that you may encounter as part of your shift and is built around real case studies and best practice. 

Attendee Feedback

BID “Thanks Jo and team for a brilliant, engaging day. Ace feedback and of course much more to come!”

BID Manager “Brilliant thanks Jo! The course content was bang on and the engagement was also superb to see”

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