Vulnerability Series 3: Vulnerability Training

28 Feb 2018

After exploring Safe Spaces, Street Pastors and Street Angels as solutions to the problem of supporting vulnerable people in the evening and night time economy, this time on the blog we look at the benefits of providing vulnerability training far and wide across your ENTE community.

What is vulnerability training?

Police forces, voluntary groups and training providers across the country have been running vulnerability training with licensed premises and new students.

Drinkaware has recently launched e-learning on vulnerability with CPL Training for use with staff working inside venues, including bar staff, glass collectors, first aiders and any other staff whose role involves direct contact with customers, and in Nottingham they are also using this training with McDonalds and taxi drivers.

Vulnerability training equips individuals with the ability to identify alcohol and drug related vulnerability and take steps to help prevent customers from coming to harm. Where it’s been used with students it helps freshers to orientate themselves with the city they are coming to and protect themselves and their friends from coming to harm, teaching them what to do if something does go wrong.

Most vulnerability courses or packages take the learners through what vulnerability means and what makes a person vulnerable, issues surrounding sexual harassment and how to prevent and report it, and advice for staff and students on what do if they encounter a vulnerable person.

What impact does it have?

It is difficult to define the impact this type of training has, because no monitoring has been conducted of either qualitative or quantitative data. From an observational point of view, any form of training given to staff and students to help them know what to do to help themselves and others is certainly never a bad thing; upskilling individuals will take pressure off emergency services and deliver a better-quality experience for customers and friends.

This type of training when used as a package with other vulnerability support will no doubt reduce vulnerability.

If you would like some support in delivering vulnerability training, we have an exceptional course that we can tailor to your specific needs. Please get in touch with us on

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